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House Nests

The only we supply to Exporters and Retailer just "House Nest" as been known bird nest category devided into house and cave, Indonesia due to the weather and the environment in which the most suitable swallow settlements, so the best quality Indonesian bird's nest, bird's nest production in Indonesia is also the largest, followed by Malaysia. According to statistics, as of the end of 2010, bird's nest Indonesia accounted for 85% -90% of global production of bird's nest


  1. Bai Yan
  2. Huang Yan
  3. Yan Blood


Bird's Nest, was white, so called Bai, also known as Bird's Nest, the whole nest color is more white, this white is a natural white and white in a little yellow, This is the only "Colour Category" we Collect from "House" and distribute it worldwide.


Most of the whole nest or nests where partial color yellow, this is a natural phenomenon, of course this category is out of segmentation for our special market .

Red, Darker Brown or Maroon

Nests from the cave picking there are some exhibits uneven maroon, color, brown or brown, darker at the bottom, middle and edges lighter.It should be clarified that this color is not swallow the blood from the mouth. The main reason for its formation is considered to be the environment in which.

The main reason for its formation is considered to be the environment in which the results of the bird's nest as joint action of the air, humidity, and rocks, especially the environment and nesting habitat from Swallow Yan wall material contains a high amount of iron to nest penetration. This part of the bird's nest is called Nest. It is generally believed that the mineral content of the blood Yan rich nutritional value than Bai, but not all minerals are necessarily beneficial to the human body.

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