3 Simple Step to Buy

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3 Simple Step to Buy



1. Adding Items “Add to Cart”

  • Click the Add to Cart Than Checkout Now link found under each item OR
  • Click on the title to view the item’s record, or click the Continue Shopping link in the below Shopping Basket lead to  earlier List Items to add another item into your Cart

View and Modify Lists

  • Click  / to modify quantity order, while clicking  will remove mentioned item
  • Select Empty Chart  to remove or Cancel the entire list.

Purchasing Bird Nest Online

2. CheckOut Now (Shopping Basket)

  • Choose “Checkout” again will take you to finish shopping where it lead to final steps

3. Contact Information/Shipping Address & Payment

Contact Information

  • Contact information/or Shipping Address if you seperate from a listed address in your membership (trough ticking the box)

Payment Method (Paypal or Bank Transfer)

  • Click Print to send your list to the printer

Order Confirmation

  • Click Continue

Payment Confirmation


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